On free day, it is a time for adventure. We all have fun traveling around the city of León, most people were viewing the city, buying souvenirs for their family and friends, or having fun with new found friends. People often go to the Plaza Central or the internet café. Free day was an important experience because it took a lot of responsibility to make sure everyone made it to lunch and dinner on time so that we wouldn’t lose any of  our free time experience in the future. There were many rules that we had to abide by, for example, we had to be back on time, not yell or be too loud as we roamed the town, wear close toed shoes, wear shorts past our finger tips, and take safe measures everywhere we went. Overall, people did a spectacular job and everyone complied with the rules. It was important because if you broke a rule it affected everyone else, so as leader of the day I had to keep everyone in check and encourage them to be responsible at all times.

It is important to have free days because we need a time to relax and cool down from our experiences. Freedom is important because it is much needed rest from our vigorous work and at times, emotionally draining experiences.  An example of hard work was living like a local, it was a challenging experience but on free day we were able to whatever we needed to do to wind down and relax.  Free day was also a perfect time to bond, talk to each other and connect with our new friends. Having this free day was a great time.

This is my first experience leading things and I could say that it is hard to keep track of where everyone was and have them on time to the wonderful restaurant by the name of Quiero Mas. We always had to be there 15 minutes ahead of time and I had to make sure all 22 people were present. The leadership role is very important and has a lot of impact on the future and a lot of the time people use it for their future jobs. For example, I would like to be a chef later on in life and it is important to understand how to lead people and make sure they don’t make mistakes while cooking, but if they do make a mistake you know how to deal with that and correct it. Many other jobs rely on a leader to make them successful. So it is crucial that we have the experience to lead people in many other jobs.

Whenever I go out into the real world I now know that I can handle a more responsible role and experience of leading people. Having these elements in my arsenal of things for the real world will make me more prepared in life. It is great to have this experience of leadership and it is also amazing to be able to view a spectacular country like Nicaragua and have the tools to be able to do better in life. This 20 day trip is one of the best thing to happen for me and  having a whole day to lead myself where I had to check on people and also talk to them have made this trip so fantastic. My time here has been one of the best and leading a day where people could do what they want has been fantastic. Everyone has bonded so well together and all had such a great time with each other it is amazing how getting rid of peoples phones can change how people act together.


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