Today was our second fun day. We started the day at 5 in the morning, getting ready to go to El Volcan Masaya. We spent the whole day with the other Global Glimpse Delegation.




I was leader of the day and made sure we were on time and had fun on our second fun day. It took us about 2 and a half hours to get to Masaya where we went up to the volcano and saw the museum and the crater. We could only stay for about 10 minutes because of all the toxic gases: safety comes first.


After we went to El Mercado de Masaya where we all got to shop for souvenirs to bring back home. Sadly we only had an hour to look around. Lunch was Papa John’s Pizza and after we went to Catarina where there was an amazing view of the lagoon with the same name and some more shops to buy souvenirs.


We got back to the hostel around 5:30 and ate dinner and got ready for out last English class.


Everyone was sad to know that we weren’t going to be back so they asked for our facebook accounts to stay in contact. It was an amazing last day and we hope that the next delegation is as amazing as we are. 😉