We Glimpsers, had a very action-packed day, from learning Ecuador’s history to trying and making traditional Ecuadorian food. During students’ mental warm-ups, we learned that Ecuador officially became an independent nation by writing and signing the first Constitution in the city of Riobamba in 1830. This set the tone for the rest of the day to open our minds and interacting with local people in Riobamba.

To make learning about Ecuador’s history fun, we had a scavenger hunt competition. We had to go around Riobamba and ask about 20 questions to different local people about Ecuador’s history. One question was, “Who is the god in the middle of Plaza Sucre and why is he there?” Locals would respond with because “He is Neptune and he represents the first clean water irrigation.” This was a great opportunity for us to learn and practice our Spanish skills.

To further our understanding of Ecuadorian culture we had the amazing opportunity to make chicken, beef and cheese empanadas at Nativa’s (a local restaurant) lead by chef Cesar. As we looked around the kitchen we saw flour all over people’s clothes and smiles all over their faces.

This was a great opportunity for students to create new experiences. After the making the empanadas, we had a very delicious but chaotic fruit tasting session. We tried pepino, uvilla, taxo, achotillo, granadilla, tuna, pitajaya and carambola. The majority of the students enjoyed the pitajaya because it tasted like a kiwi but less tangy and sweeter. As a result of this experience some students will be featured in Riobamba’s local newspaper (La Pensa Chimborazo) #wearefamous #momwemadeit. At our nightly meeting, students expressed that today couldn’t have experienced a better day.

Nateciya Gidron-Noutai, Highland Park High School

Rodson Celestin, Boston College High School