Today the Glimpsers spent the morning at a COPROBICH quinoa factory, had a heartwarming visit from the kids in the Manitos Trabajadoras and an exciting basketball series between the Bronx v Brooklyn teams.

At the COPROBICH quinoa factory the Glimpsers were exposed to how quinoa is grown, processed, shipped, etc. This corporation is made up of 54 communities and 541 farms. They ship it to multiple European countries and Colombia. The company stopped shipping to the US in 2014 because of bad experience with them, but are trying to reestablish the partnership. The main goal of this corporation is to empower local farmers and workers, and ensure fair trade agreements. We visited a family’s quinoa farm and felt how proud and enthusiastic they were about their produce. John was so impressed with the product that he purchased a couple of quinoa bags ($1.25 a bag) for his mom and Ms. Taal.

Later on, during the nightly meeting, we were visited by the head of Manitos Trabajadoras, along with some of the kids from the organization. It was an emotional visit because the kids once again expressed their gratitude for the day we had spent together in Parque Maldonado. They gave us keychains with their signatures and pink roses.

After the nightly meeting, most people went outside to witness game 6 between the Brooklyn Boys and Bronx Boys. The game started out calm for Brooklyn but the Bronx turned on their game faces and got tired of Brooklyn always being better than them. The Young Bull aka Calijah Durant wasn’t playing like himself tonight which gave the Bronx an advantage because on a good day nobody can come close to the level of the Young Bull. Tonight was Joseph’s night to shine. Joseph was putting on the moves with his amazing dribbling skills. But my guy Joe couldn’t do it all alone; he had the help of my guy JohnnyBoii but better know as John Sinchi. JohnnyBoii is probably one of the best 3pt shooters out here in Riobamba. John was pulling threes from all over the court. This dynamic duo of JohnnyBoii and Joseph could not be stopped tonight as the Bronx boys calmly took the win today and tied the series up to 3-3. The final game will be held tomorrow afternoon to finally settle who is the best, Brooklyn or The Bronx. Stay tuned and hear about the final results tomorrow night.