Hello family and friends! It’s Leilani, today’s Leader del Día, here to report on Adventure Fun Day.

We began our day at 6:15 this morning and enjoyed a lovely breakfast of pancakes, eggs, pineapple, cantaloupe, funfetti muffins, and pineapple and melon juiceWe then piled into two open air busses and began our hour and a half journey to Las Aguas Blancas, a beautiful waterfall in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. After a bumpy, yet scenic, bus ride, our group hiked to the waterfall, participating in repeat after-me songs all along the way. First, we hiked to a scenic lookout where we marveled at Las Aguas Blancas. The lush and green mountain gave way to the majestic and rushing waterfall.

After a quick snack break, the group hiked to the base of the falls where we got to take a break and enjoy the water. Though, I use the word enjoy lightly due to the fact that the water was ice cold. Most of us could only handle putting our feet in for a few seconds, but a few of the hardcore Glimpsers were able to stand the water longer. After freezing for an hour, we all hopped back on the open air busses and′ returned to the hotel for lunch (potatoes, rice, salad, and chicken).

Following lunch, we took a short drive to the Constanza sign where we took pictures which is located at the highest point in the city. The sign was in the form of thick white letters that we could climb onto and look out at the beautiful Constanza view. Afterwards, we drove to the Divino Niño religious site and heard the inspiring story of the statue. The designer of the monument shared how he was inspired to build the site and statue after surviving two rounds of colon cancer and receiving a visit from his deceased mother who told him to seek guidance from el Divino Niño. From the Divino Niño, we were able to see all of Constanza and were very excited when we could see lightening across the valley.

Once we retuned to the hotel, we proposed our CAP project to representatives from la Cañada de las Palmas. Seven representatives from the community, young and old, traveled from high up in the mountains and with little access to affordable transportation to hear our project pitch. The presentation went smoothly and I am happy to report that C2A will be replacing the pipe system of la Cañada de las Palmas so they can have consistent water flow to their houses and businesses. Currently, accessibility to water is inconsistent and they only receive water every two days. The water pressure is also sometimes an issue. We hope fix this issue by replacing the pipes new and wider pipes.

We concluded our night with a dinner of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread and a nightly meeting where tomorrow’s leaders, Zoe and Abby, hyped us up for Deconstructing Poverty day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading! See y’all soon.

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