Today as Lider Del Dia, I was honored to guide my fellow peers through a more laid-back and chill agenda for the day, which involved free time in the city of Constanza. We started off the day with a later wake-up call than usual, being that we had the opportunity to sleep in and breakfast was buffet-style instead of all having to eat together super early in the morning.

I’m glad to say I wasn’t required to enforce the typical wake-up call, which isn’t even all that bad now that we’ve gotten used to the schedule after these five challenging but exciting days. The first half of today was pretty much focused on both relaxation and time to spend together either bonding or working on several of our group tasks. A plus from today as Lider Del Dia was actually witnessing how close each of us have gotten just in this first week, which excites me for the rest of the trip.

I’ve also noticed the appreciation this cohort has for the Dominican culture and overall the way the trip is planned out in terms of being involved with the community. My group and I (Daijah, Misako, Britney, Valeria; Dimitrios) were able to get out into the public to explore the city and its many treasures. This included shopping, eating with locals, and spending time with the youth baseball team, cheering them on during practice.