Today was an extraordinary day. It was  FUN day. We got a taste of what a vacation is, not saying everyday in Nicaragua for the past days does not feel like paradise. We woke up around seven in the morning, not as early as the other days, and by nine o clock we got the day started. The first stop was El Castillo del Cacao which is the Castle of Cocoa. We learned about the chocolate making process; how its separated, and cooled down. We also learned about the different types of chocolate. Then we got to the good part which was tasting it with a cup of coffee on the side. The feeling of chocolate melting in your mouth was impeccable. To end the trip at the Chocolate Factory we took pictures and we purchased some of the chocolate.

DSC05778   DSC05756

The next stop was La Cascada Blanca. This place was heaven on earth, it felt as if we were in a resort. We took an outdoor tour of the rock museum which had rocks shaped as dinosaur heads, turtles and etc. The rock museum also had about 20 species of insects. I know it sounds scary but I didn’t really see a lot of insects since I was too busy trying to lead everybody. From the rock museum we went to see the amazing waterfall. The waterfall was just as amazing far away as it was up close. We all took a dip in the water, swam, and played games.


This day was a special one especially for me because I got the chance to be the leader and know how it feels to be assertive and still satisfy my peers and the global glimpse leaders needs. I can’t lie, I thought it was going to be very difficult for me but I found it fairly easy. To get back to my story about La Cascada Blanca, we all ate lunch there which we all gave five stars for the best pasta and grilled chicken. It was really superb. After fifteen minutes some of us went back in the water while others explored and enjoyed the view.  After an hour or so, while some were getting massages, we all gathered up in the eating area and made our way to the bus. The walk to the bus was very tiring because of so many steps which I like to call the Franklin Ave. transfer to the shuttle; which also has a lot of  stairs. The bus ride was very interesting. Some sang to the songs playing, while others napped. When we got the hostel, we had dinner at  Abya Yala and then we had free time. I of course had a meeting with the next leaders of the day and in this meeting I shared many thoughts and advice while they gave me excellent feedback. After the leadership meeting, we all came together for a big group activity which ended into us having a zumba session with one of my peers, John Paul. Finally we ended the day with a nightly meeting which is where we share the summary of the day, our thorns and roses, and I give the torch to the next leader of the day. To conclude, I will never ever forget this day.  It was a day I got to show my leadership skills while my new family got to have fun and enjoyed each other’s company. And in the words of Spongebob Squarepants,

                             F is for friends that do stuff together

U is for you and me

                              N is for anywhere and anytime at all