Ricky’s Blog

Today was our last free day of the trip. We woke up at 8:00 A.M., an hour or two later than we usually get up, which gave us more time to sleep. Then, we ate pancakes for breakfast with watermelon, bananas and papaya. Everyone was prepared to go out into the city in groups of four or more, ready to enjoy Matagalpa for one of the last days of the trip. Some people went to pick up or drop off laundry and other people went souvenir shopping. Some of us even got lucky enough to run into the three Americans on the Matagalpa basketball team at a cafe (and of course we got another picture). We met back at the hostel for lunch, and while it was a hotter than usual day, some people decided to take a nap in their second chunk of free time. Others went out again from 2pm to 4pm to finish up souvenir shopping and work on their thank you letters for donors at one of Matagalpa’s cafes (we are getting hooked on Nica coffee). When we returned to the hostel at 4pm, we prepared for our last English tutoring session and the small graduation ceremony/party we would have in our classes tonight. For dinner, we had the traditional gallo pinto dish and chicken. In our last English class, most of us spent the first hour reviewing with students, playing vocabulary games (charades, pictionary, and the like) and had small conversations. Then we passed out the diplomas and brought all the students together for one last big conversation. It was sad to see our students for the last time and it was an amazing experience to teach English to people in Nicaragua. Then we came back to the hostel to have our nightly meeting and we had to sleep early because tomorrow is an early day.