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Today our day started with waking up really early, well at 7:00 AM,  then we had breakfast at the commodore, which consisted of eggs, beans, papaya, and tortillas. Later, we went on a private bus to beach (Proyecto  Palo De Oro, Isla Juan Venado) where we went on a boat ride around the lagoon and saw many iguanas, birds, and mosquitos (the WORST). Luckily there were only a few bug bites on this trip because we sprayed ourselves every 5 minutes.

After the boat ride around the lagoon, we went on a private island on the beach and played in the water for half an hour to an hour. We all had a blast due to the water feeling so refreshing in this hot weather. Eventually, we went back on the boats to head to the our next location, lunch at Playa Roca.

Playa Roca is the one the best restaurants we had ever been to! Our meal included three servings. First, they served us side salads, then pasta, which was big enough to feed a whole village, and lastly a piece of lemon cake! Having this meal definitely reminded us of being back home.

After eating lunch we went to the public beach, Las Pinotos, where we played in the ocean, played Frisbee and beach volleyball, and searched for sea shells.  This was a great experience to share with the group as a bonding moment.

The rest of our day included picking up laundry, eating dinner at the commodore (which many of us were still full from lunch) and having English tutoring which always ends in success.

After having such a fun successful day, we ended the night with starting our dollar a day activity at 10:30 PM. BUCKET SHOWERS FOR EVERYONE!!