Today, the Global G’s woke up at 7:00am for what was supposed to be a fun day. We started our day by eating breakfast, which were mashed potatoes and eggs with chinola juice. After breakfast, we all shared our feelings about yesterday’s day at the dump in our self-reflection groups.

Then the Global G’s discussed the interviews notes about the CAP (Community Action Project), we had taken five days ago on. We express the needs of the people from the community the day that we visited them the first time.

The Global G’s then began to plan what they are going to present their ideas to the community about the CAP projects and how they would be accomplished. The three main projects that we will be assisting the community with consist of making a rabbit sanctuary (rabbit cages) in order for them to keep rabbits and raise them for a better income and food supply. A vegetable garden to grow food for the rabbits in, and continue the water project that we had started helping them with during our last visit to the community.

Then a few representatives from the community came down to the Fundacion to answer some questions we had about the projects. Most of the questions were to clarify how the projects were going to be done, and what help can we give. After all, the projects are all about helping them.


After the question were answered and more about the projects was agreed on, we ate another great lunch prepared by our amazing cook, Licelot.

After lunch, we headed down to Club Falcondo for some down time. Once we were there, the Global G’s went either swimming or just sat by the pool and relaxed. We played games in the pool like Marco Polo and Chicken fights. Others were also dancing.


Then we back to the Fundacion, to have pizza for dinner. We then were treated with a surprise trip to the movies to go watch Jurassic World. Some Global G’s got a little bit emotional when some dinosaurs died. Other Global G’s didn’t know what was going on because of the fact that the movie was in Spanish with no subtitles. Some of us (me included) helped translate the movie.

Once the movie was over, we headed back to the Fundacion and had our nightly meeting. We ended this fun day as us Global G’s do, reflecting on the happy moments we encountered throughout our day.