Sorry for the late post.  Internet was down last night.

Today was Fun Day here in Granada! It’s been a long, eventful week and today we finally got to relax.

We started off the day with a delicious breakfast (like always) and then took off to La Laguna de Apoyo. The Laguna is a beautiful crater lake where we got to swim freely (with life vests on), drink virgin pina coladas and relax in the hammocks. We had very friendly volunteer life guards on duty who took care of us during our stay at the Laguna. Shortly after lunch we headed out to El Mirador de Catarina, a beautiful lookout place where we saw the laguna in its entirety. We were all taken away by the view and really took the moment to feel gratitude for all that we have got to experience on this trip. Around El Mirador there were many souvenir shops and many of us bought some presents for ourselves and our family at home (get excited friends and family!). A majority of our glimpsers spent most of their money. We got to practice our bargaining skills as we now fully understand the currency system here. After our visit at Catarina we headed back to the hostel for some free time before dinner. Since we know the city pretty well at this point many used this opportunity to go run some errands-for many this included getting ice cream around Granada. Then we all had dinner, went over our nightly meeting and now everyone’s getting ready for bed because we’re getting up bright and early tomorrow to work like a local.

Today set our whole experience in perspective, since we got time away from our hard work and time to reflect. It is hard to fully comprehend all the emotional and physical experiences we have gone through without having taking a step back. I’m happy and proud about the fact that we all used our privileges wisely, followed the rules while also having fun in a safely matter. I feel like our group got some more bonding time today, and it’s wonderful to see how we grow as a group every day that goes by. We all definitely had fun, which was the goal of the day and all that really mattered.

Being El Lider del Dia today was both wonderful and scary for me, as I really got to get out of my comfort zone and try to be assertive with the people around me. I realized that it is okay to mess up, but more important to learn from your mistakes, which I did and in turn made me a better leader.

Thank you for reading the blog and make sure to leave lots of comments in the comment section! We read these comments every night and getting a couple words from home never fails to put smiles on our faces 🙂