Hello Friends and Family,

Please excuse me for this late blog. Due to our living off one dollar a day challenge, we had began last with no electricity which continued over to this afternoon. So now I am writing this blog as if it were yesterday.

Today we woke up at 5:30 AM and had breakfast. On todays menu was cereal (fruit loops). After breakfast we got on the bus that would later bring us to the Volcano of Masaya. It was great ! It even looked like it had just erupted even though its most recent eruption occured in 2008.  DON’T WORRY IT DIDN’T ERUPT WHILE WE WERE ON IT!


I have to say, it was an amazing experience and an amazing view so expect some pictures! Soon after we visited the volcano, we headed to a place called the Monkey Hut where we had food (cheesburgers!) and enjoyed the lagoon that was once a volcano. Some of us kayaked, others who knew how to swim swam, but being that I was not as advanced I stayed on the Kayak. After our tiring experience at the lagoon, we headed back to the bus and got driven to our second English tutoring class.



Following that, we headed to Buffet Esteli where we usually had our delicious 3 meals every day. This night was different however because we had Tamales and soda (FINALLY!).  We then headed back to our hostal, Hostal Tamabu, where we participated in our Living on $1 a day seminar ($1 is 27 cordobas if you were wondering). The struggle is real! In this seminar we were informed that for the next day we would be showering out of a bucket, spending the rest of the night without electricity, and having to use a candle as our source of light. By doing this, we were able to see how a typical Nicaraguan family would live with limited resources, and also how their lives diiffer from our own.


Some of my Roses for today would have to be finally having some American food, and soda which I love, in addition to kayaking. I hope you guy enjoyed my post. I´m not one of the best writers but I just wanted  to inform you guys on our day. Stay tuned to our later blogs to keep up with what were doing. We miss you all!

P.S  Mom, Dad, Fabie, and others: I miss you all and can´t wait to see you all when I get home. Also, Fabie, tell Chachou that I miss him too!