DSC02963Yesterday was our second to last day here in Nicaragua. It seems unreal that this trip is coming to an end, but I know that we’ve all gained some valuable lessons from our experiences. Yesterday was another fun day! We ate like queens and kings at the Playa Roca, which was the beach hostel we were staying at. Personally for me, eating something besides beans and rice makes me feel really privileged. Now that we have experienced limited food variety, we appreciate even the small snacks and drinks that we get. When we got a watermelon drink for breakfast, everyone’s face lit up because we felt we were about to drink the most exotic drink in the world. Then, we took a Mangrove boat tour at the Las Penitas. On the boat ride it felt like we were part of a video game because we made our way through the murky waters and had to constantly dodge and duck from the forest of Mangrove trees and their roots. It was nice to see that there was an organization so devoted to protecting the Mangroves and all the species that inhibit the Pacific Coast outside of Leon. It was so serene and the breeze was especially lovely because normally all we feel is the sun burning our skin. One of my favorite moments was when we saw a baby crocodile resting on a small trunk. Our guide got the boat as close to it as possible because we were all anxious to see it and snap pictures. Some people in our group have accidentally broken their cameras so when they want to snap pictures now they simply take out their memory card and place it to another’s functioning camera. I enjoy how our group has become so close now that sharing has become an automatic instinct. We tied up the day by spending time on the beach; playing soccer, volleyball, lounging on the beach, wading in the water, enjoying smoothies, and taking pictures. When some of us played soccer, we had to improvise and create our own field. We stuck our flip flops in the sand to make the goal posts. Even though the sand burned our feet when we ran, we were all having fun and laughing. Also, we would play for two minutes and then sprint to the water to cool off our feet. After about a half an hour of repeating the playing-running to the water cycle, we finally couldn’t take it anymore so we jumped in the water and hid in the shade savoring our Fresca sodas. We ended the day by getting dressed up and going to a local club. Before we headed to the club, all the girls helped each other get ready by sharing dresses and doing each other’s hair. It was sweet and it felt like we all have a sisterly connection. We took pictures with each other and then walked to the club. I got everyone to get on the floor and dance. Even the people who cannot stand to stand on the dance floor, got outside their comfort zone, and partied(not too hard – we drank powerade). The day was a perfect way to celebrate the family that we have become.