Today was fun day. Wake up call was at 7am this morning. We got ready and we walked to Sheila’s for breakfast. We had cereal and fruits such as papaya, bananas and pineapples. After breakfast we were transported on a bus to Matas Club. The club is like a country club. There was a really big pool but it was only 3 feet deep. We arrived at Matas Club at approximately 10am. Everyone was free to do whatever at the club. Some of us went into the pool and played with a beach ball, some were just swimming, some were tanning and some were playing pool.

We ate lunch at 1pm at the club. We had some vegetable and brown rice and meat. We ate lunch for an hour, some people finished their food early so they went to play pool. We arrived back at the hostel around  3pm where we had 30 minutes of free time. We couldnt go out because their wasn’t enough time so most people just showered and changed into their business casuals.

At 3:30pm we had a brief seminar where we wrote letters of appreciation to Global Glimpse donors. After that we walked to Liceo and had English tutoring till 6:45pm. We walked to Sheila’s and ate dinner, we had hot dogs and lemonade. After dinner we went back to the hostel and had our nightly meeting where I passed the torch the Andrea and Sabrina.

Today was overall a great day, I learned that being a leader requires a lot of patience. I learned how to be organize and on top of things. I also learned that it’s not so bad asking for help. Especially when I wasn’t sure about directions. Being a leader was a great experience.

Oh yeah, hi Enkie I’m alive, and won’t change and tell my puppy I said hi.