Hi everybody, I hope everyone reading this is as happy as we were today!

Today was not only our second to last day in Ecuador but also one of the best.

Today we started with a loud and wonderful wake up call done by me which then lead to a very delicious breakfast at La Primavera. After that we all rushed to the bus for a long ride to Chimborazo, which was the start of a very long day. Chimborazo is not an ordinary active volcano. It is also the closest point on Earth to the sun. Which means that the air was very thin, which made the hike to Polylepis even harder because it was hard to breathe. Also, in the Chimborazo we take a lot pictures to the beautiful view and we take pictures in group. When we did  the hike to Polylepis, everyone was exciting. It is called Polylepis because it is a popular tree species in the mountains. Although it was very steep and bumpy, we all persisted through and supported each other through facing our fears. While walking down, we had a lot of struggles, which the wind didn’t help with. For example, a fellow glimpser fell in a hole and twisted her ankle. Those around her helped her the rest of the way down the path (she’s okay btw).  After we all made it down alive, we hopped on the bus again and traveled to San Juan for our lunch. The food was good. We ate soup and Arroz con pollo or rice with chicken. After lunch, we had free time. Some of the glimpser went to bought some souvenirs in the Plaza Roja and Maldonado. Afterward, we had our last dinner in Riobamba. Our dinner was american style with hamburgers, quesadillas and milkshakes. Our amazing driver, Victor and his wife drove us back to la Primavera where we had our last nightly meeting.