Hello everybody, it’s your leaders of the day, Bryn and Bao Hoa.

Today was packed full of fun activities as it was our second free day. The difference between today and our last free day is that for today, we were able to venture out without supervisors in groups of four to six. Some of the popular activities included getting hair cuts (they were all stellar and under $5.00), going to the internet café to say hello to all of you guys, and quite a few trips to the coffee shops for some very much needed caffeine. Some of us stepped out of our American comfort zones and bargained at the open markets for sweatshirts, bags, and snazzy pants.

After free time, the group was split in two and half went to English Tutoring while the other half had “Relaxation Time.” The English tutoring group enjoyed their classes and were able to develop their teaching skills since there was a larger student to teacher ratio. The advanced class did song analysis and then joined the rest of the classes during their break for a game of volleyball and getting to know the other students better.

The Relaxation group had a marvelous time. The majority of the group spent their time in the common room either drawing botched portraits of each other, playing intense games of cards and watching “How To Train Your Dragon” on the overhead projector in the meeting room. Louis was furiously reading his book in the lobby the whole time but seemed unbothered by the joyous noise coming from the other room. Eventually he joined in, and drew maybe the worst portrait of Skyler we’ve ever seen, a work of art.

After everybody regrouped at the hotel after our various afternoon activities we went to dinner. The food, as usual was delicious; grilled chicken and vegetables and queso blanco stuffed empanadas – fantastic. Many of us were surprised after dinner to a dance party hosted by our incredible chefs. The lights were dimmed, the music blasted, and fun was had by all. Everybody had a great time requesting songs and dancing like nobody was watching.

After once more returning to our hotel, we had our longest nightly meeting ever, it was quieter than usual, not having Becky there (she had to head home early). However long the meeting was, it was full of positive conversations and lots of laughter.

All in all, it was a fantastic day, regardless of the tiresome organization of 27 teenagers. Thanks for reading tonight’s blog, we hope you tune in tomorrow!


Bao Hoa and Bryn