Hi Everyone,

Today was Sunday Fun Day. We woke up at 6:00 am and had to travel in a bus for three hours in order to get to our first destination the Masaya Volcano! The volcano was huge and filled with smoke so it was hard to see inside, meaning it was still active! There we were also able to meet up with two other delegations from Masaya who we saw and spent half of the day with. After the volcano we went to the first vibrantly colored markets, with bags and tons of souvenirs. Then we ate at Tip Top, a local fast food joint where we had piles of chicken. Shorty after we traveled to another market then the last event of the day was traveling to and from Granada, where we were allowed to explore the city for an hour. Finally we made a long bus ride back to the hostel and arrived for dinner at 7:30 pm.

Today we met some amazing vendors at the markets that we traveled to. They were the type of people who obviously worked hard in order to provide for their families. It was exciting to buy things but to also think about how those people do struggle in order to provide for themselves. I feel that my peers and I were proud of the amount of fun that we had as a group despite the tiring day that we had. We were able to really think about home and all of you who will get amazing souvenirs when we get back. I also feel that we bonded even more in the last few days, we were able to all talk, sing and play games on the bus to and from the different places that we went to today that brought us all together. But most of all I feel that were happy and excited to be back at the Hostel for a restful night.

To be a leader today was fun but also difficult. it was fun because I was in charge of a day that was exciting and original. We got to see things that normally in Esteli we would not be able to. I loved being able to take in all of the sights and experience this country in all of its beauty. I enjoyed being able to watch everyone be able to buy and make their own memories at the markets, also seeing many of them haggling with vendors and exploring the city. Being a leader today was difficult because of the amount of loud talking and shouting over the loud market places that we traveled to and also having to get people together in order to leave on time.

Today I learned how to be a better leader but also more of a well rounded person who is willing to experienced so much more. Before i came on this trip I was nervous to get on a plane and now I can say that I’ve been able to walk around a volcano I’ve seen waterfalls and have gone swimming in canyons and most of all I’ve learned that in order to lead others you need to have a big heart, and care for those around you rather than just giving directions.