Today was everyone’s second and final fun day!

The day begun with a standard 7 AM wake-up time followed by a 8 AM breakfast of a traditional Nicaraguan tamale-like dish. After breakfast, everyone gathered their things and got ready for the first fun activity: a visit to a mariposario (butterfly reserve) a short bus ride from the hostel. At the mariposario, one group headed out on a short hike/walk to see some of the surrounding vegetation. The other group was shown around the actual butterfly enclosure, while learning various facts about the butterfly life cycle and more.



Edith with her new friend




Out for a stroll




After a quick lunch, everyone prepared for the afternoon activity, a trip to Masaya and the Masaya market. Accompanied by a tour guide, the Glimpsers began by looking around the more touristy market with higher prices (and much more room to move!). After this, everyone went to the less touristy market. This dark and tight indoor market was where many Glimpsers bought souveniers and worked on their haggling skills. After a few hours, the group went to a lookout (right next to a baseball stadium) over the currently active Masaya Volcano. Behind one large, water-filled volcanic crater stood another, more active crater. Surrounding the lake was dried up lava and some thick vegetation. Many pictures were taken, and everyone stopped by the town square briefly before heading back to the hostel for dinner.


Estevan in the more spacious market



Masaya Volcano


Family photo



The nightly meeting focused largely on preparing to execute the first day of our Community Action Project tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for an update on our first CAP day!


With much love from Granada,

Alex and Jada