Greetings friends and family of the first Granada trip! After a rejuvenating free day, the glimpsers had a day of exploring and traversing numerous of the three-hundred-sixty-five islets that Lake Nicaragua has to offer on a relaxing boat tour. While the glimpsers had the opportunity to observe the beauty of the lake and the diverse wildlife including some cute, indigenous monkeys on one of the islets. Over the past two weeks, the glimpsers had the opportunity to observe the living conditions of the less fortunate in Nicaraguan society; however, today we had the opportunity to observe some of the more glamorous homes of the wealthy. These veritable mansions dotted many of the islets and housed wealthy Nicaraguan actors, politicians, and business owners.

The glimpsers had lunch at a restaurant, which resided on one of the islets, named La Pirata. We all had a great time at the restaurant and lounged around in the pool; afterwards, Ena taught us traditional dances which included Salsa, Bachata, Morengue. At three o’clock the group headed back to the shore and finished up the boat tour. We then headed to the tower at La Merced, a church around the corner from the hostel, where we enjoyed a beautiful view of Granada.

The glimpsers had an amazing and exciting Fun Day full of many amazing and memorable moments!

Love Jimmy <3