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Eggs for breakfast? It’s been a while since we’ve eaten something besides Gallo Pinto. Wake up call today was at 6:00 AM, a little earlier than normal. We had egg sandwiches and headed out to Masaya. Despite the three hour bus ride, we were really excited to explore. We souvenir shopped for about an hour and a half and then went to Monkey Hut, a beautiful resort in the middle of a natural reserve in a place called Laguna de Apoyo. The scenery was gorgeous. We started off at Monkey Hut with lunch, which was a variety of entrées such as nachos, pasta, salad, chicken fajitas, carne asada with rice, and hamburgers. We then swam, kayaked, and played in the warm water. We came back around 6:30 PM and rushed to dinner, which is later than usual, but closer to dinner time in California. We didn’t have Gallo pinto, it was soup! Overall, it really was a fun day.

P.S. – Hi to all of our friends and family and bye from Lynna and Tiffany! 😊