Good evening GG faithful, Daniel here. Today has been quite the ride as all your sons, daughters, friends and family members have LITERALLY reached the top of the world. With Ecuador being the furthest point from the center of the Earth, our hike to the tallest mountain in Ecuador was a breathtaking experience to say the least.

Aldair here. The day started off with a 6 am wake up followed by breakfast at 7. After breakfast we were off to Chimborazo to start our 4 hour hike. During our ride there we made a restroom stop to then find out it was 30 degrees not to mention how windy it was. Although it was tough, everyone fought for everyone. There were times where people got very tired due to the thin air, but Daniel and I were there to motivate everyone and keep on going and not give up.

Daniel here again. We hiked through a mountainous forest and reached a beautiful view of our main goal: Chimborazo (AKA the top of the world). Once we had the proverbial eyes on the prize, the motivation grew tenfold. The mountain we saw on every bus ride from every store and on every block was within reach. By that time, we drove to Chimborazo’s base camp to witness the graves of those who risked their lives to climb the snowy behemoth. Also, we hiked through clouds to be pleasantly surprised with a beautiful view of Riobamba below us.

DSC02340 DSCN7723

Aldair again. Following the 4 hour hike, we drove to lunch in San Juan, Eucador. After lunch, we returned to the hostel. Back in the hostel, we participated in energizers and program seminars followed by the famous nightly meeting.

Overall, today was a fun, yet challenging, day for all of us because we weren’t used to breathing the thin air in Ecuador. However, today was worth pushing oursleves since at the end of the day, we got to have a closer and beautiful view of Chimborazo.

Daniel here for the last time. Today was bittersweet. From the moment we learned of Ecuador’s mountainous characteristics, many of our interests were piqued by the tallest mountain inhabiting it. To our surprise, Chimborazo just so happened to be the furthest point from the center of the Earth and, therefore, closest to the sun. As we waited it go for the entire trip, it went by in the blink of an eye. Althought it feels as just seconds ago we were up there, the memories and the images will be everlasting.

From Aldair and Daniel, goodnight to all reading the blog and stay tuned tomorrow night for Global Glimpse’s newest fun-filled post!


Eliezer – Shoutout to mom. Love you ans miss you! Shoutout to SAT, I miss you.

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Daniel – Shoutout to my mom, Jacqueline, Aunt Diana, Uncle Caesar, Grandmother Ramona, & cousins. Love you and miss you all!