Okay so today is August 9, 2015 and the theme of the day was FUN DAY !! . Today was such an amazing day, everyone enjoyed themselves. But anyways today my peers and I woke up at 6 clock got ready and went to breakfast. For breakfast today we had bread and nacatamales with watermelon. After breakfast we travel to la Laguna in which we relaxed, went in the water, played around; we even stayed there for an amazing lunch. At the la Laguna it was so much fun especially when everyone was in the water we was trying to all stand on top the floating dock and because it was too much weight we started to sink and we all fell into the water. But moving on we then went to go visit and active volcano. First we stopped at the museums which gave a brief information about all the volcanoes in Nicaragua. Then we went up to the volcano and had and amazing view where you could actually see the smoke rising up into the air. And that’s how we knew the volcano is active. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking we are crazy but honestly it was really cool we took lots of pictures. Sadly we had to leave within 10 minutes for safety reasons. Lastly my peers and I traveled to Miracle de Catarina where we was able to see a beautiful view of the la Laguna in which we swam in today. After that we were able to walk around in de Catarina and shop. Students bought things for their family, friend, etc. We then traveled back to Granada and had dinner at comedor la favorita. That pretty much sums up our last fun day. It was the best way to start our last week here in Nicaragua off. 20150810_092211