Our day started off with a 6:00 am wake up call. Everyone was gathered to have a delicious and healthy breakfast. We then took a two hour bus ride to Masaya Volcano where some students caught up on sleep, while others relaxed to the sound of music. Before getting to the Masaya Volcano, we made a pit stop where we were able to stretch and enjoy some snacks. When we arrived at the volcano, some of us purchased necklaces and bracelets from the locals. We then made our way to the edge of the top of the volcano. The sulfur inside the volcano caused it to be foggy, making it difficult for us to see anything. Some of us were disappointed at first but our spirits were lifted when we took a trip down to the Monkey Hut Resort.

There, we ate at the restaurant La Chonita where we had the choice to eat chicken kebabs, salad or nachos. After lunch we were eager to get into the lagoon that was at the resort but, unfortunately, were told to wait twenty minutes by our very concerned GG leaders. Before finally being able to get into the water, we all formed a circle for a pre-swimming safety seminar. After getting our life vests on, we all rushed to the water with racing hearts ready to finally swim. The rest of our evening was filled with relaxation, laughter and joy. Some were able to kayak, others used surfboards and tubes to float. The rest of us layed down on a queen sized board overlooking the beautiful lagoon. Sadly our time came to an end, so we all got ready to head back home. We made another long bus ride back to Matagalpa. At first everyone was asleep, but then the music came on and everyone began to sing, even our GG leaders. Once we arrived home, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Afterwards, we had our nightly meeting where everyone was able to reminisce about our last fun day together.

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