beach 2

  1. My peers and I learned today what Dominicans do to have fun. Today we all went to the beach and experienced one of the beaches that Dominican Republic has to offer.
  2. I was surprised mostly today on how beautiful the beaches were.
  3. I am most proud of how much we got done today. We always have such a tight schedule that we don’t really have time to waste on idle time.
  4. The most inspiring person I met today was one of my students. He showed me how important education is and how hard you have to work to really accomplish and get to your dream. That student took 10 subjects throughout the day and my English class was not one of them. He took two English classes during the day. So in total he took 11 subjects in one day.
  5. Being El Lider Del Dia was very stressful but because I stuck through it and adapted, I feel accomplished.
  6. Today I learned that when I have to step as a leader. I start to become very serious and more formal on things.
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