Hello Global Glimpse family and friends, this is your first girl duo, Segen and Rosamaria, reporting to you live from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.

Today was a fun and adventurous day, beginning with the usual 7 am wakeup call and breakfast at 8 am. By 9 am we were ready to begin our day at Las Cuevas del Pomier (Caves). Our group explored the caves to gain an insight on the historical background pertaining the caves, as well as learning about our partner organization which strives for the preservation of these caves. One of the most rewarding and memorable moments other than admiring the calligraphy inside of the caves, was the minute of silence each group had inside the cave where the indigenous people use to worship in. Although being surrounded by complete darkness and silence is scary, a few people were uneasy at first, by the end everyone had the opportunity to reflect and take the time to appreciate the significance of these caves. Being the clumsy Glimpsers of our group, Segen and Isabella both slipped in the wet caves. But Isabella and I (Segen) laughed it off together.

After an exciting and educational tour of the caves, we ate lunch made by the locals. Today’s lunch menu included the famous rice and beans, chicken, potato and plantain casserole, along with a vegetable salad and eggplant (only made on special occasions!!) After learning the importance of the preservation of caves by the locals, and learning more about the needs of the community /organization through a conversation with them, we headed to La Toma.

La Toma is a public swimming space where we had the chance to cool off and have fun, bonding with the rest of the glimpsers. I, Segen, faced my fears of the waterslide, even though I’m a terrible swimmer (I even ended up going down the slide 2 more times!!) As we are typing this, Briana wanted to give a shout out to all her family and friends! Continuing on, after an exhausting day of exploring caves and swimming in the pools, we headed back home to CONAMUCA.

Shortly after arriving back to the hostel, CONAMUCA, it was time to prepare for dinner, the best meal of the day. Dinner consisted of rolls, salad and ground beef with potatoes and cheese. After the wonderful meal, followed the routine of the nightly meeting at 8 pm.

At the beginning of the day, both of us were nervous to be El Lider del Dia, however, we worked as a team and checked in on each other to make sure we were on top of things. Despite the fact that we both are usually more quiet and reserved people, we tried our best to step out of our comfort zone and aware our fellow Glimpsers of the days schedule and reminders.

Before we sign off, Natalia would like to give a birthday shout out to her little brother Alec, and to say she loves you! Unfortunately, the phone lines weren’t available at the time we were trying to contact our families, but we will continue to try to call tomorrow.

Thank you for all the sweet comments, we hope to receive more from you, we really appreciate it.

Buenas Noches,

Rosamaria and Segen (: