Hello this is Jordan Malagon speaking today to tell you about my day. Today I woke up at 6:40am to get ready and wake up the rest of the team. Everything went smoothly and we got to breakfast on time where we had eggs, cinnamon bun, and bans. After breakfast we went on the bus to go on a wonderful yet bumpy ride to Apenas Lake to start our fun day. At Apenas lake we met with Felipe, a guide, so we could start a series of wonderful events. We played many games, volleyball with water balloons, obstacle courses, and soccer. After a morning full of activities we had lunch which consisted of chicken and rice. Finally we got on some boats and started kayaking. Later we went to our tutoring classes, we had prepared an hour of class and then one hour to say our final goodbyes to our students. After that celebration we went to our hostel, had our meeting and had a toast for finishing our CAP project. We look forward to our last activities together tomorrow. See you soon!