The start of the day was quite challenging due to our demanding time schedule. I had to make sure everyone of my Glimpsers were up and ready by 6:30 a.m., to have breakfast and to be on the bus by 7:00 a.m. sharp. When completing this task, I first approached the Glimpsers who took the absolute longest to get ready, by waking them up 25 minutes prior to the actual wake up call.  The lord was definitely in my favor because with the help of Shamaar and Subha, these glimpsers were ready on time so the group could be on the bus at 7:00. After I completed my mission of lovingly annoying everyone to be on time, I started the role call and next thing you know we were on our way for a three hour ride to Catarina.

“You’re now listening to DJ Bronx!” and “As you can see to your left, there’s even more trees” was all you could hear as DJ Bronx aka Massire and Moshood aka the tour guide, entertained us on our daunting three hour ride. We were also captivated in the very diverse mixture of music by Dj Bronx and Dj Matagalpa aka Denis. It was great to see how we can have a great time on our journey, even though we were half dead and half alive since it was quite early in the morning. With that being said everyone became even more anticipated the closer we got to our destination because honestly all we wanted to do was jump in that water.

The three hours passed and when you looked outside your eyes were drawn by all the colorful art works of the local Nicaraguans. Artworks varied from vases, flowerpots, bowls, clothing, bracelets, sandals, key chains and other creative ornaments. The bus came to a stop and our GG Leader Janice announced that were going to be there for an hour to buy as many souvenirs as we’d like and to just walk around and look at the different artistries. Long story short, everyone bought up almost the whole stalls, everyone was broke. I couldn’t find my $20 so I was forced to use my Córdobas so now I guess I’m also broke. We then returned back to the bus at 11:30 sharp (timely goal met again, Yay!), I did the head count and we were then our way to Monkey Hut where the lagoon was.

We are now at the lagoon with the clear blue water with the sharp rocks. Before going into water we had to put on life vests whether you could swim or not because that is the Global Glimpse policy. For an hour we enjoyed the warm water and then after we had lunch. We either had nachos, chicken and fries or burger and fries. Honestly the food was not quite as delicious as the food from our hostel Chef Frances but because we were hungry we ate anyway. After we ate our meal we either went back in the water or chilled with our friends from the other group (the Esteli  Global Glimpse trip was there too). At 4:00 we had to say goodbye to the lagoon and to begin on our journey beck home to the Hostel.

This day was a day for us to relax and free our minds, to have good “vybz” only. We worked very hard and diligently on our project for the school so this was a reward for us and we enjoyed it to the fullest. We all have our differences but we know how to have fun and to be as one.