Today was Fun Day, and we were able to pair up with the other delegations in Nicaragua for this amazing day! We started off our day very early with a 5:30am wake up call to take an early bus ride to Masaya. Our first stop was the volcano museum and then visited the active Volcan Masaya! Which we were only allowed to visit for around 15 minutes due to the fact it is active… After visiting the active volcano and taking many pictures we went to the Mercado de Artesanias, a large indoor handcraft market! Which was where we all we able to buy many souvenirs for our loved ones back home, along with some goods for ourselves! For lunch we went to Pollo Tip Top, a fried chicken fast food restaurant where we got to get to know the other delegations a little more. Although it did not agree with some of our stomachs, the boys enjoyed it. Our next destination was Mirador de Catarina. It was a beautiful location with a view of a large crater lake. The area surrounding the crater lake was a park filled with families, friends, tourists and even horses! The streets leading to the crater were lined with many souvenir shops where we could purchase even more things to remind us of Nicaragua when we return home! On our two and a half hour bus ride back to Matagalpa we were able to bond even more with the other Matagalpa delegation. With the common experiences we shared with them today, everyone was more open to conversation. We played many games with cards which made for a lot of funny moments! Sadly, we had to separate from the other delegation when we returned to our hostel. We were not sad for long because we had to prepare for our ADIC presentation. The representatives from ADIC were receptive to our ideas and we both agreed that it will be an amazing project! Overall today was one of the best days I have experienced here in Nicaragua! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery along with the long day of shopping! I hope you all see how much fun we had through our pictures, enjoy!

IMG_0937 IMG_0946 IMG_0961 IMG_0973 IMG_0991 IMG_0995 IMG_0998 IMG_1000 IMG_1022 IMG_1020 IMG_1018 IMG_1017 IMG_1011 IMG_1009

Love and miss you mom!!! 🙂