Today was a exciting day, from hiking an active volcano to presenting our CAP project to our CAP project partner, Blanca Rosa. There weren’t any dull or banal moments in our fun-packed day. The most exciting part of our day was sledding down the volcano that we hiked up.

Our day started extremely early. We woke up at 6 AM and, after breakfast, started to make our way to the volcano site. The volcano we hiked up and sled down was the youngest and smallest volcano in the ring of fire. The volcano’s name is Cerro Negro, it was born in 1850. In order for us to sled down the volcano we had to hike for an hour to the top of it; the top of the volcano had a beautiful view it was jaw dropping. once we arrived at the top we proceeded to sled down the volcano, the way down was the most terrific and terrifying experience. after this fun experience, we got out our thinking caps on in order to plan out our presentation for our CAP project. The presentation went very well, Ms.Rosa was thrilled with our great ideas and passion for the project.

We were extremely courageous because we hiked Cerro Negro and finished our day with memories that will last forever in our minds and hearts.