As you have read, our days here in Nicaragua have been tough. Today was a little different. It was FUN DAY.  Our wake up call was at 7:30 am. So much better than yesterdays 5:00 am call. After our delicious breakfast our fun day truly began. We rode a bus to a dock where we would get on a boat to get to one of the many islands of Nicaragua. The Island we visited was called Pico de Garza. It was paradise. As we got off the boat we noticed that we had the Island all to ourselves. The manager said that it’s usually packed, but today it was not. I guess it was luck. Pico de Garza had three pools, a lake, canoes, paddle boats a volleyball/Soccer field, and many hammocks you can sleep on. The group as a whole decided to go swim in the lake first. Some also took paddle boats, and canoes. With our life jackets on we quickly swam to the raft, but noticed that the water was quite warm. I honestly did not know that my fellow peers knew so many tricks while jumping off a raft. It was awesome! We were in the lake for about two hours, until we all decided we should get in the pool. While inside the pool we played games such as Marco polo. At 12:00 pm we head over for lunch and most of us had some very good cheeseburgers. Your day can’t be fun without amazing food. After lunch we played soccer, volleyball, and swam a ton. Most of us including me got burnt (Nothing severe don’t worry parents). At about 4:10 Pm we headed back. While on the way back to the mainland some of us got to see monkeys on another island while on the boat. We got back to the hostel at about 4:50 Pm, and the quickly headed to dinner at 5. Although everyone was tired from swimming and having fun, we stayed tough through English tutoring. Overall today was a day for having an amazing time and that was exactly what we did. An unforgettable experience with great people.