Hey Everyone, Macy and Emily here!!!!

Today was FUN DAY! After three days of consistent hard work and putting our blood, sweat, and tears into the hatchery as well as the mural, we enjoyed a well-deserved beach day. Our favorite bus driver, Ronaldo, drove us an hour from Hotel Piamonte to a hotel at Playa Venao. The hotel included a pool that led out to the beach, as well as an outdoor restaurant for glimpsers to enjoy some food.

It was a beautiful day, despite a little rain, and everyone was able to relax on the beach, in the pool, or at the restaurant. Once we arrived at Playa Venao, some students ventured into the ocean where they could finally go into the water, some embarked on walks along the entire beach, some played soccer and volleyball, and some headed straight for the food;).

For lunch, we devoured 🍕and multiple students ordered 🍰&🍨afterward. Then we went back to relaxing, sunbathing (which we later regretted 🤦🏽‍♀️), and overall enjoying the scenery and the company of each other on our third to last day. Some students took a jujitsu class where they learned some self-defense techniques and other exercises. A few of us glimpsers also interacted with the guests at the hotel by playing volleyball and soccer, which made it all the more enjoyable to meet new people.

It was great being the leader of the day because everyone had a positive attitude and really took the time to enjoy themselves.

Overall, it was an extremely relaxing and fun day, thank you for keeping up with these blogs!