By: Jeff Campbell

Today, we attended Playa Uverito and had a great FUN day with a couple of soccer and volleyball games. Of course, the Glimpsers crushed the Global Glimpse Leaders and Program Coordinators. After the hard 3 workdays with 5 hours of work each day on our Community Action Project (CAP), we closed that milestone out with a successful fun beach day. The best highlight of my day was me and the rest of my Glimpsers facing off in water volleyball against Program Coordinators and GG Leaders. Everyone was having genuine fun and kept a smile on their beautiful faces.

By: Korey Howard

We held a football game with our Leadership coach (Justin) and other fellow Glimpsers, me and Justin’s team won. We all had fun working as a team and finally being able to let loose our energy. We played Marco Polo and many other swimming pool games while soaking in the sun. Some of us even went to the beach and walked along the Pacific. A few of us even made sand castles and found mangroves. We have 3 days left here in Panama and I never want to leave. I plan to go back home with a more broadened perspective of the world and the people on it.

GG Leader NOTE: Due to technical issues, no photos were able to uploaded to the blog tonight.