Today we started our day off at 7:00 am. In order to have as much fun as possible we brought our breakfast onto the bus and drove to La playa Quemaito at 7:30 am, as we arrived at the beach we were able to purchase and learn about a volcanic stone only found in the Dominican Republic called Larimar. Then we went on to have a fun couple of hours on the beach in which we all had a great time and became closer as a group as the hours went by. After having an amazing time in the beautiful waters of Playa Quemaito, we then loaded onto the bus again and started making our way to San Rafael to see their amazing fresh water pools and eat lunch. Once we arrived, a local couple who focuses their time and attention towards helping the community of San Rafael had prepared us a barbecue lunch. When the time came to go into the pools, many people started off very hesitant and did not want to get in due to the freezing cold water and fish, but once submerged, the water was very relaxing and everyone had a great time.

After our amazing and adventurous morning we began our journey back to Centro Monsenor Pittini to present our CAP (Community Action Project) posters to the panel. We presented our ideas for the materials and structural design needed. After presenting, we received feedback on our proposals and ideas, which gave the group reassurance as we grow closer to the CAP project.

We ended the day off with a nightly meeting in which we all shared our feelings and thoughts about our overall day. Which brought an end to our night on a positive and reflective note after a much needed, relaxing day.


P.s. Parents, please have your phones ready tomorrow for phone calls home!