Hola! , my name is Aranta Martinez and I will be a senior at Skyline High School and a college access program in Oakland called College Track. Last night, the hat was passed down to me, making me leader del dia. I was the leader of the day yesterday but because we went camping and didn’t get back to the hostel until this afternoon. I had to blog later than usual.

We started our day by having breakfast at 7:45 so wake up call was at 7:15. At 7:45 the bus arrived to take us on a special field trip. For the field trip we went to the Mangrove forest. Once we arrived to the Mangrove forest we split up into three groups, From there we got on the boats for a three hour tour of the mangrove forest where we observed the mangrove seeds, cranes, iguanas, giant spiders, raccoons, and owls. During the tour we stopped at Palo de Oro to have lunch. Palo de Oro is a community service project that is working on promoting Eco-tourism and protects turtles and alligators. After lunch we headed back to shore and from there we got on the bus for a five minute ride to the beach.

Once we arrived to the beach we instantly got into the water. The water was warm and the waves were strong and the day was perfect. At the beach some of us played soccer, volleyball, and got tackled by the waves. After watching the sun set and taking a group picture we headed to Rancho Los Alpes. At the Ranch we had dinner, and held our daily nightly meeting and the hat was passed down to Andrea. After the nightly meeting we made smores and camped outside.

Buenas tardes,


P.S To the parents of my two Glen Coco’s Sarah and R Kelly they are perfectly healthy once again!

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