Hey everyone! It’s Alondra!

Today was adventure fun day and I was lucky to be leader of the day. I woke everyone up by blasting music outside their rooms and then we had breakfast and headed out. We went to a GORGEOUS waterfall called Baiguate Waterfall. We went in the water and it was the first time I felt cold here. Except for the super cold showers that I take everyday. But the cold water didn’t stop us from having fun. After about an hour of hanging out in the water, we headed back to our bus for the second fun part of the day, Rancho 2 Rios. We had a very delicious lunch, which was rice and beans, chicken, and plantains. We went swimming at a pool after and some of us didn’t get out of the water once, including me. Then sadly, our time was over, but we were onto the next thing. English tutoring! I’m in a group with Denisse and Quang. We teach beginner adults and I really enjoy teaching the students. Our first time teaching them, they knew a lot more than we anticipated so we were completely unprepared. But today we came in totally prepared. We taught them the basic emotions and whatever other emotion they wanted to know, and we taught them family members and had them create sentences with the two topics they had just learned. When class ended, we walked to a pizza restaurant and had some pretty bomb pizza. We played at the playground for a little bit and then headed back home for the night. Today was hands down my favorite day and I will always remember the funny, crazy, and amazing memories that we made today. Anyways, I’m off to bed because the next day is deconstructing poverty and we have to wake up at 6 am. So good night all and I miss you Abuelita! <3