The day began bright and early in a day filled with adventure and overcoming fears. We piled into the dining room to eat our breakfast consisting of eggs and a Humita (a type of Andean tamal). Once breakfast was finished we boarded the bus to make our way to the waterfalls. The bus ride was two and a half hours, and was accompanied by two stops to observe the lush scenery. Upon arriving at our destination, we made our way across two treacherous hanging bridges. Many of the Glimpsers were terrified to cross the bridges, but with the support of their peers we all made it through together. Once we arrived at the waterfalls, we climbed up and down numerous flights of stairs to behold the rushing torrent of water. Many visitors stood around in amazement. We finished off the day with lunch and a thirty minute shopping spree in the downtown area.

Our most memorable destination was Centro Turístico Pailón del Diablo. The center of the waterfall was heavily packed with tourists, but there was hardly any litter. One got the sense that people acknowledged and respected earth’s valuable resources such as the lush mountains and breathtaking waterfalls. Hopefully, the impact of visiting sights like this will motivate travelers to maintain and revitalize them in order to preserve their beauty.

Some key takeaways we had as LDDs were: how cherished the waterfall was, and how we should respect the nature by not littering. Littering contributes to the demise of natural wonders like the waterfalls we visited today. As LDDs we learned that environmental responsibility is key. Also, witnessing the treacherous currents reminded us to be aware of our surroundings to prevent injuries. Nature must be respected, but also should be enjoyed!