This is Joanna and Erika, writing to you from Jarabacoa to bring you our post about adventure fun day! We woke up at 7 am to some loud tunes, and got ready to head out to a famous waterfall named Salto Baiguate. It was so pretty that when we got there we couldn’t resist and everyone jumped right in. After how busy weve been and how hot it is here, the water felt amazing! After the water fall we went to a swimming pool at a hotel called Rancho Dos Rios, where we played like little kids playing tag, swinging on swings, and racing in the water. It really felt like everyone was connecting. At around 2 pm we had a great lunch which consisted of rice, salad, and chicken. So good! After leaving the pool we washed up back at the hotel and got ready for our third English tutoring session, which had always been so fun and rewarding.

We needed a simple day like this! Everyone had such a huge smile on their face , and everyone was brought closer together over some simple fun. We feel refreshed and ready to take on the second part of this trip, which is our community action project in Los Calobazos!