Hi All,

This is Bianca and Nina, today’s Leaders of the Day.

We began with a quick and early start to the day at 6:30… which in our opinion is too early (big love to our GGL Ricardo who woke up before 6:00 to make sure we were ready on time!). We had a quick breakfast and went straight to the bus which took us to Chimborazo. We had a fun bus ride which included a private salon, a karaoke party, and Corlin’s newest hobby, making memes of us. We made a quick stop to get acclimated to the altitude and became a very good spot for photos #instagramwho. We soon arrived to Chimborazo and found out there was a strike going on. So we decided to go to a cafe near called Chakana which was very warm and cozy. Once we stepped out of the bus we realized how windy it was. Literally almost swept us away. Which was kinda cool but I guess not everyone thought that. A few of us decided to adventure out into the unknown (just kidding), it was just the back of the cafe.  We found a field of tall grass which was actually very comfy to lie in. We realized we became invisible to people standing. We thought of an amazing idea of playing hide and seek, and became one of our favorite experiences here in Ecuador. Corlin created a giant grass bed which was crowd favorite. After a while our limbs went numb because of the cold so we ran back inside and had some hot chocolate. We were told that we could go to Chimborazo and began long and very hard journey up. Everyone began feeling the altitude change and finally reached the top. When we reached the top we were faced with many challenges, the wind and extreme dust, but by the end we were able to overcome them and step outside our comfort zones.

When we arrived back for lunch we were all very exhausted. We began our English tutoring class which we did not have much time to prepare for but was one of the most rewarding days of tutoring we had. When we finished our tutoring our students hugged us and our lives was literally made. After we had some free time, which we used to play B.S.- our favorite card game and gathered everyone for dinner. But, Corlin our GGL told us the wrong time to meet and made us wait 30 mins which was a major life problem for us because it was so difficult to keep everyone in one room but because of it we were able to have a dance party after dinner. Which was very fun and our GGL Ricardo and our PCs Marco and Margarita even started dancing! We ended the night with an amazing nightly meeting and was able to pass the torch to Brooklynne.


Bianca- Hi momma and papa! I miss you guys! Also thank you for everyone that comments on the blog we read it every night and it brings a smile to my face. Love you all!