Hi, this is M’Shiari and Katherine!

Today was our Fun Day so it was centered around taking in all the natural beauty that the Dominican Republic has to offer. We also had time in the afternoon to complete our CAP (community action project) shopping. We started out our day with a classic pancake and eggs breakfast and then headed over to the amazing statue of El Divino Nino (the divine child). Some of us bought souvenirs for family members back home. Our day had just begun and we already had an amazing time. After that, we swapped in our quality Sandy time (our amazing bus driver) for “Safari Trucks” for a 2-hour long ride to the beautiful natural reservoir called Ebano Verde. The river, referred to El Arojaso by locals of the area, was cold but also beautiful. It was an hour-long series of constant splashing, laughing and genuine smiles. Before we knew it, sadly it was time to go and head back to our hotel.

It was a productive afternoon. We got right to work for our CAP as we split up into groups courtesy of our amazing leaders (us). Here we decided on who from the group would take on different responsibilities in order to get donations for our upcoming project. As a whole, we were able to gather three pallets, six plants, wire spools for tables and order all of our supplies for construction. After doing so we had some time to explore where we were able to become one with the community and walk around like locals.

Next up was PIZZA NIGHT! We headed over to Mon Carlo, a local restaurant in Constanza, where we feasted like kings and danced to our hearts’ content. From Bachata to Dembow, to American hip hop, we had a bit of everything and danced with our bellies full. It was a great way to end a perfect day.

Katherine – I miss you Mami! Te amo y te extrano xoxo

M’Shiari – I love you so much, mom and dad!! Miss you, sorry we haven’t gotten the chance to talk but I am having the best time. These people and this experience have been amazing!! See you soon! xxx

It was for sure one of the best days that we have had thus far! C1D!!