What’s up! Everyone, this Diego & Hinmer, The LDDs (Liders del dia a.k.a. leaders of the day).

We started off the day with some breakfast, then made our way to Juan Dolio beach. At the beach, we spent our time swimming, relaxing, and playing volleyball. Fortunately for us, the weather was great and the water wasn’t too cold. Roughly after two hours, we made our way back to the villa where some of us continued the swimming while others were relaxing. Our lunch later in the day was amazing; the pork was outstanding! After lunch, we headed back to the hostel in Jarabacoa which lasted 4 to 5 hours. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our furry friend WoWoW.  During our bus ride our speaker went out of commission, so we had to get creative and use our elegant voices to sing. Once we arrived at the hostel, we held our program seminar for our CAP (Community Action Project) project. There were many creative and interested ideas that came out of the seminar. We ate dinner and many of us participated in an intense game of MAFIA. We ended our day how we always end our day, with the nightly meeting.

Now, we’re getting ready for community day.

Stay in tune for the next episode of JA1B adventures.