A picture of the "Good Neighbors" at Cascade Blanca.

A picture of the “Good Neighbors” at Cascade Blanca.

“Today is all you, you will never get this day back, so give it all you got, be all you can be and have fun just being.” –Unknown

Today was the first fun day! Today we got to sleep in a bit and wake up at seven. After waking up we had a wonderful breakfast of fruit and pancakes at our beautiful hostel. Our main activities for the day were going to Cascada Blanca.

After a short 20-minute bus drive we arrived at our destination. Once we got there we took a short hike through a forest to reach an amazing waterfall. At the base of the waterfall there was a pool where you could swim in. Behind the waterfall was a cave that had bats and it overlooked the pool and the waterfall. We take some cool pictures there. Then we decided to go swimming and we sent hours in the pool, catching fish, and playing fun games. After a couple hours it was lunch time and we ate at the Cascada Blanca where their served us a variety dishes that consisted of chicken, pork, beef and salad. They also sold cookies and a delicious chocolate cake.

Once we relaxed for a bit the owner offered us a tour of the gorgeous natural surroundings of Casacada Blanca. First he brought us to a tree that looked like it was a women dancing and two rocks that seemed to be kissing. With some more walking we went under a rock overhang that looked like a snakes head. Once the tour was over we went to our bus only to find the bus driver disappeared. As we wanted for a new bus, we had more time to relax, have fun and play games with all our “neighbors.”

On our trip back we got some of our laundry and arrived at our hostel for free time. Many of my fellow neighbors took the chance to take a shower and get ready for living on a “Dollar a Day.” After free time one of our wonderful GG leaders taught a seminar that helped us prepare for “Dollar a Day.” Then we went out to eat at La Vitae Bella where we had yummy pizza. After our nightly meeting “Dollar a Day” began with no power and only a bucket of water for our shower.



Miles and Tyson fishing


Having fun in the water at Cascada Blanca


Surprise dinner at an Italian restaurant named “La Vita e Bella”