Hello everyone! Eugene and Ethan here, and today was Fun Day.

We began our day early at 8:00 a.m. leaving to a beach in Guayacanes called Juan Dolio 🙂 We were ecstatic to spend our morning hours in the clear Caribbean Sea. Some splashed and threw each other into the water, skipped rocks, read underneath a palm tree; and others rapped bars in the ocean. Some even say the “illest” rap battle happened that morning. After soaking in the ocean, we decided to hike back to our villa and jump in their pool. We were all determined to make a vacation out of this first half of the day.

After 1:00 p.m. the next part of our day began, and we all said goodbye to our little vacation and stepped on the bus.

After all that relaxation it was time to get back to work. We had a presentation of our upcoming project prepared for three community leaders in Rio Grande, another local community here in Constanza. The goal of our CAP (Community Action Project) is to create a useful addition to a community with an emphasis on sustainability. For the project, we landed on the idea pitched to us by Mecho, a local community leader in Rio Grande. She wants us to repair the greenhouse in the back of the local school and create murals that teach their children about the life-cycle of a plant.

Because of bad weather our bus arrived late, which meant we were all in a crunch for time. We all got dressed up and rehearsed our lines. After last minute fixes we all recovered from our momentary panic and confidently presented our idea to the community leaders. They loved it. The next steps are preparing and figuring out what we need to accomplish for this endeavor. We are excited for the next phase of this project to deliver on this promise for the people of Rio Grande and their welcoming community.

Stay tuned for more content and updates about our work this coming weekend!

Big Love Ethan, Eugene


Ethan shoutouts: love you ma

Eugene shoutouts: See you soon mom and dad