Good  Evening Families,

Today we traveled by bus to Chimborazo and, on the way, saw the vicuñas; (an animal that looked like a lama). The weather aggressively changed from sunny to rain to snow. Finally, it began to hail, and we made a small snowman and made snowballs. The water was so cold that when we washed our hands in the bathroom, our fingers felt like they were frozen. Chimborazo, also had a cemetery for all the people who died attempting to climb the mountain.

On the way home from Chimborazo, we listened to One Direction and other songs that put us to sleep; we were exhausted from the outing and the long drive back to Riobamba. So we all chilled out in our rooms when we got home for an hour, then played collaborative games. At 7 PM, we walked to dinner at Roma Santa.  After we finished our meal, we played “Just Dance” at the restaurant.