Hello friends and family, sorry for the late blog post. Yesterday was our most adventurous day during our trip. We woke up earlier than normal to get ready for our hike up Cerro Negro. Cerro Negro is a active Volcano that we hiked up one side of the volcano then we rode down on  sleds on the other side of the volcano. on the way up to the top we had to carry our sleds, but it was extremely difficult because of how windy it got on the very top. Some of us even lost our sunglasses. When we started up on the hike we had to climb over crazy big rocks. The second part personally was the hardest because of how steep the climb was. Finally when we reached the top we had to put on the oversized suits , gloves, and goggles. Finally it was time to slide down the 45 degree angle volcano. It scared me so much, yet I had to face my fears and slide down that crazy volcano. Some people went down extremely fast or super slow ( like me) it all depended on how comfortable you felt. It was a big challenge for us, and we all faced it and had a great time. In 2013 CNN said that sledding down Cerro Negro was the second thing you should do before you die. That was a pretty big deal. It was amazing day yesterday and another memory we will have the rest of our life. we will try to upload pictures tomorrow!