Hey family and friends! Your lovely leaders of the day were Jake Davidson and J.P. Sanchez. Waking up at 6 today wasn’t the best way to start the fun day. More eggs and gallo pinto at breakfast of course. The bus ride was about 2 hours near the city of Matagalpa. Plus we had the incredibly compact bus which didn’t help out our groups spirits. But, once we arrived at La Selva Negra, everything changed. La Selva Negra was a gorgeous, beautiful, green, and DSC01821 organic jungle. The group had free reign of how they wanted to spend their time here. They could either hang out and relax in the lobby of the park or walk some very treacherous trails covered in mud. The most difficult of trails was one called “Fountain of Youth”. Many groups were determined to conquer the trail and most people were able to reach the top because of what was at the top. There was an incredible view of the city of Matagalpa below. Everyone felt  very accomplished after reaching the top of Fountain of Youth. Most of the groups used the Top of Peter and Helen trail to go back down of the mountain. It was not as difficult as the Fountain of Youth. The Romantico trail was the place where most of the wildlife could be seen. Animals such as monkeys, birds, sloths, and bugs were located at Romantico. Overall, everyone enjoyed their hikes, but it was a very exhausting day.

Today was Mel’s 28th birthday, she is one of our Global Glimpse country coordinators. We celebrated her birthday by surprising her at dinner by two cakes. She was shocked and ecstatic! We had a great time today!!!