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Today we had our first fun day at the beach in Azua! Our Ambassadors came with us as well. We met up with the delegation from San Cristobal and started off with introducing ourselves to each other. The day consisted of swimming, playing with beach balls, and just getting to know each other. Later we split up into groups and talked about our experiences so far (culture, History, global business, etc…) We also really got to know how different our living conditions were compared to San Cristobol’s. Both delegations enjoyed having a fun day in the sun with new people.

After our fun day at the beach we came back to San Juan. We had a great dinner at Sheila’s, which was spaghetti and bread. When we got back to the hotel we had two seminars. They consisted of information about poverty and how we are going to live on a dollar tomorrow.

Overall the day was very fun and all about laughs. After spending hours at the beach everyone is looking forward to out next beach day!