At some time in our lives we all have heard the expression ¨If everyone else jump off  cliff would you¨? Iknow I´ve had and experience it today!

DSCN0604First we woke up at five thirty am. then we head on our amazing journey to a canyon where, we all got the chance to step out of our comfort zones and enjoy our last fun day together. While we were in the canyon we hiked, swim, even cliff dive. I know what you all thinking cliff diving? Seriously? Yea I know, at first I didnt think think that I would jump but I came on this trip to experience new things. I felt like that I did that today. We did have a few close calls ( thanks to Teresa and Cameron)  but I can ensure you all that noone got hurt. Then after the Canyon we headed back on the bus to the hostal where we had our free time/final CAP project shopping. After we head to our second to last english tutoring class 🙁 after our tutoring class we wen to Buffet Esteli for our dinner. After dinner we had our usual nightly meeting. As you can see our day was a success. my favorvorite part of the day would have to be being in the canyon and actually, finally knowing how to swim,(thanks to the help of Franziska, Tim, and Jeannie) also the cliff diving part. Your probably wondering why is this girl who barely know how to swim go jump off a cliff. DSCN0611It wasnt necessarly because everybody was doing it, to me it was more likely one of those things where You Only Live Once ( YOLO ) also I felt like I probably would have regreted it at the end if I didnt. I know I didnt come here to regret anything. I honeslty belive that everyone had and exciting and eventful day today exspecially the experience we had at the canyon. Thank you for reading this blog sadly it will be my last.

PS. Hey family hope you guys are not to worried about me. I am fine and enjoyimg my time here in Nicaragua. See you guys soon. Also Mitchel Tim says Hi!