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Greetings to all our loved ones back home. My name is Lorenzo, and I have had the fortunate opportunity to be able to serve our delegation as Èl lider del dia for our first fun day of the trip. Today we started our day off as early as 5:00 a.m. We had an early breakfast and then traveled 3 hours to the beautiful city of Masaya. For the most part, everyone fell fast asleep during the whole ride there. Upon arrival we first visited the spectacular Volcano Masaya. For most, like myself, it was the first volcano we had seen. The volcano was amazing, with the stench of rotten eggs filling the air due to the sulfur. Volcan Masaya is one of the seven active indigenous volcanoes here in Nicaragua. It was once a sacrificial volcano used in the pre-Columbian era, as well as a site used by more modern military to make their enemies “disappear.” Aside from the volcano the view itself was absolutely beautiful. The landscape was truly one of a kind. After touring the volcano we headed to a more private location in which we had a tropical atmosphere, eating outdoors by Lake Apoyo. Once we finished our restaurant-style meal we quickly headed to the lake where our fun peaked the most. At the lake we all took part in swimming, kayaking, surfing, innertubing and jumping off of a safe wooden platform that was a moderate distance from the shore. Most glimpsers purchased virgin cocktails (non-alcoholic) which were in my opinion were the bomb.com.

After our adventurous trip in the beautiful city of Masaya we went straight to our thrice weekly English tutoring classes. This being  our third session, everyone demonstrated positive improvement and we all want to strive for in order to better our next class session this Friday.

After we finished our English classes, we walked back to our hostel and had a delicious dinner of tamales. Once everyone was all fattened up we went straight into our nightly meeting and debriefed the day. Then came the last agenda item of the day. Ghost stories. We all gathered around a few candles and what was ironic was that our hostel had a power outage right when we started telling our ghost stories. Our fabulous global glimpse coordinators shared their share of stories and the funniest thing happened. Right when the juicy details was about to be told and everyone was closely listening in silence, a friendly lizard decide to scare the living death out of everyone. It was absolutely priceless. Then right when we finished the power came back on and that concluded our first fun day. As of right now everyone is struggling to fall asleep, all the glimpses comforting one another like a mom trying to convince a child there are no ghosts in the closet.