The beginning of fun day wasn’t so fun in the morning, the anticipation and fear of everyone’s grumpy morning mood was an obstacle, but we did it! The beginning of the day started with a 2 hour bus ride to a lagoon named Masaya. We all learned that fun day doesn’t mean hanging out with individual people; it means having fun and hanging out as a big Global Glimpse family.  Surprisingly, throughout the day, I was able to get everyone to cooperate and help me make this day a real fun “Fun Day”. Today there were multiple challenges but one thing that was a challenge for all of us was swimming to the platform at the lagoon. We made it through this challenge by supporting and having patience for each other.

DSC04845 DSC04864

After that we went to the Granada (Colonial), which was one of the first cities built in Nicaragua. Being there made us feel like we were in a very historical place and shopping there for souvenirs was just the cherry on top. Being “El Lider Del Dia” was an amazing experience for me. I was able to show off a new side of myself to my fellow glimpsers and I got to talk to people that I’ve never talked to before in our group. What also made this day, of all days, really fun was the bus ride back. It may have taken longer than we expected but the longer ride allowed time for most people to sleep and to just talk and have fun. Whether it was dancing on the bus or listening to music, or even singing songs, both Global Glimpsers from WP and BCS know how to have fun and make every moment a memorable one.

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