Our day started at 7 am. Everybody woke up really excited to go hike the volcano. We began our day with a filling breakfast and then got our money exchanged for the present purchases at Mombacho (for all y’all proud parents and friends). We departed around 10 am and got there in 30 minutes. Our first stop was the “Mariposario” which was the orchid and butterfly house. There we learned numerous species of orchids and butterflies that we later found at the volcano. Following that we had a great hiking adventure ahead of us. Our bus dropped us off at the entrance of the volcano and then we had to take the Mombacho Transit all the way to the top. The ride on the bus was really fun we went through the rain forest and it felt much like roller coaster. Half-way up we stopped at the coffee shop and everybody was very excited to try the Mombacho harvested coffee.  When we got to the top we met our guides Jennifer and Augustine. We split into two groups and went with each of the guides on a three hour hike through the RAIN forest.

Since everybody is so used to the heat in Granada we assumed that it will be really hot on the volcano. We went on the hike in shorts and t-shirts which later everybody regretted. When we first got on the trail we noticed a sloth sleeping on the tree, which was really cute. For the entire hike it was pouring rain. Even though nobody was dressed properly for the weather the excitement only grew.  We went through three micro climates and every each of them was different. During our trail we stumbled upon a bunch of warm holes. Most of them were tiny, but at some point we got to experience one of the bigger ones and it felt like sauna. Nobody wanted to leave that spot.

It took us one and a half hour to get to the top of the Mombacho and the peak was about 2,000 meters above the sea level. The most wonderful thing was that the as we were climbing that very steep hill our team kept the excitement and positive energy flowing, which made rain the last thing on our minds. In the end of our fun hike we encountered a little colorful frog called Rana. Every one of us got to hold the frog and the experience was indescribable. We ended our hike with a lunch with everybody was craving and then we JUMPED on the bus.

We now continue our fun day into a fun night.

Big love to all the families and friends!!!

-Kseniya 🙂

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